Adolescent Therapy

I work with adolescents and families in a focused and supportive way so that the adolescent journey
is less “storm and stress” and more “energy and direction”. Gina works with adolescents from 10+ -
early 20’s The purpose of the work is to support the adolescent in processing and understandingthe
many issues and changes which adolescents face. We know that adolescence is a time of growth and
challenge and that the brain, body and emotions are undergoing significant changes. The
adolescents' social and academic world is continually changing as their education expands and
their friend group emerges. With these changes comes a demand on the mind to respond and figure.
This can place a pressure on both adolescents and their families to figure it out or get it right.
Adolescent Therapy is a space to figure it out. Often adolescents need the opportunity to look at
themselves in a supportive environment so that they can see the real essence of who they are
and who they want to be. One to one therapy is designed to hold the conflict and confusion and
translate it into a better self reflection and awareness of what it is to be “me”.