Education & Supervision Services

Education & Supervision Services

Working with Adolescents is a specialised area requiring knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of Adolescent development and the mental health needs of this group who often face many challenges in society. At Adolessence we understand that professionals often seek guidance and support in their work to better understand appropriate interventions and support for the enhancement of their skills and competencies as professionals.

Gina provides supervision to individuals, groups and organisations who work with adolescents and families in both a clinical setting and in the education field.

Adolescent Supervision

The purpose of this specialised supervision is to offer both insight and direction in the many areas of adolescent mental health and behavioural presentations which form an enormous part of work with adolescents. The supervision is designed to guide you as individuals or within groups to develop knowledge in the presentations of anxiety, stress, self-harm, and trauma which form much of our work with adolescents. Supervision is focused on you the individual or team to understand how you work with the adolescent and family, why you use the interventions you do and how you would like to develop your practice further to enhance and support your ongoing work with adolescents. Gina work with individual psychotherapists and professionals specialising in work with adolescents and families. This support is tailored to meet your individual or organisational needs and works within the remit of Adolescent Psychotherapy, Family Systems Theory and Humanistic & Integrative Supervision. Gina has worked with the Irish Hospice Foundation and Social Work Teams as a Social Work Team Leader and Bereavement Counsellor/ Facilitator so brings an understanding of various professionals and their working environment to her work as a supervisor. Adolessence and Lensiter Adolescent Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre have teamed up to provide Adolescent Individual and Group supervision ( Can we put in a link to the LAPCC site)

Student Supervision
Gina also works with Student Psychotherapists to support individuals in developing their practice and attuning to their own style of therapeutic engagement. This work offers the student both
guidance and understanding of developing styles, ethical frameworks and the various client presentations and issues within eh work. Gina has worked in various areas of social work and psychotherapy before specialising in adolescent therapy so brings a good understanding and energy to student therapists who are starting out in their career.

Education Services

As part of the developing role of Adolessence Gina offers workshops and training to groups who work specifically with adolescents and families. These workshops and training are offered in the following areas:

- TY 5 week Life Space Program
- Parental Workshops dealing with Adolescent Development and its challenges and wonders
- Group training workshops for accredited Psychotherapists
- Group training for organisations specialising in one to one and group work with Adolescents