Group Work

Adult Process Groups

2 hour Adult Groups

Adult groups are facilitated by Eileen. Process groups are about meeting together to make sense of
our experiences in a facilitated and safe way. Over the years groups have enabled us to work
together as a community so that we can share ideas, make sense of change, and learn new and often
interesting ways of being in the world. Eileen who is an experienced group facilitator has an energy
and passion for developing skills and values within the group setting. The groups are max 10 people
and are run every 6 weeks. These groups are for people who wish to be held in a safe confidential
way to explore the many themes and challenges in our world. The group process is about working at
your own speed so that you can listen, be an active participant or simply enjoy being held int eh
safety that is psychotherapy group process. Everybody is welcome and there is no prerequisite to
have attended therapy in the past. Our groups focus on the following themes:

- Anxiety and Stress in our modern world
- How our thoughts affect our personalities
- Managing self care through mindfulness
- Learning to have the life your want
- Hope v’s fear