Initial Assessment Appointment

This initial appointment is a 60 min session.

An initial assessment appointment is offered to parent(s)/ caregiver of the adolescent.  Meeting you as a family together gives me the opportunity to hear from you the adults about your teenagers strengths. Important family history is gathered from you and the reason for needing support at this time.

What emerges from this initial assessment appointment is a rich story about personality traits, experiences and the wonders of skills and competencies within the family. The appointment is designed to be explorative and curious in understanding your parenting style and aspects of family life.

This beginning assessment appointment provides an anchor from which we can work so that we can be solution focused and not problem saturated from the outset.

You will be given an initial assessment form to complete so that you can understand the format of the session prior to your appointment. You can provide me with all the necessary information about your adolescents behavioral and learning style.

Therapy can sometimes be daunting and not everyone may agree it is a good idea. Everyone gets the opportunity in this session to meet with me and understand how therapy works.

If adolescent therapy feels right, we can arrange for an adolescent to move to the next stage which is one to one sessions. Further family sessions may be arranged during therapy in consultation with adolescents and adults.