One to One Adolescent Sessions

Adolescent therapy is a 50 min session.

Adolescent psychotherapy is about one to one confidential support. You have made the decision after the family session to come to therapy so now our work begins.

In therapy we work on the following:
- What you want to figure out
- How I can support that figuring out
- What’s getting in the way of your figuring out

Your commitment in therapy is about making terms and conditions that work for you. We know that an adolescent’s mindset has a huge impact on how they think, feel and ultimately respond to the world. We know from research that adolescents are really good at learning, however this learning is not always Adolescent comfortable. This uncomfortableness can affect your mood, your confidence
and overall, your sense of who you are. We will work to focus on your life space, your beliefs, and your behaviours. Together find the many ways that you can feel more directional and in charge of your life. I believe that adolescents have the capacity to learn, grow and flourish with the right support and encouragement. These sessions are confidential and are designed to support adolescents’ development, challenges and support. Your work with me may be long or short-term depending on your requirements. Therapy is meant to be open, helpful and above all supportive to you the adolescent. I will help you understand what you need, develop your unique talents, and communicate in a way which supports and enhances your emerging development. Therapy can be challenging but it is ultimately designed to be supportive to you so that you can leave with a better sense of who you are.