Parent and Family Sessions

Parent and Family Sessions are 60 mins.

Work with Parents

Parent and family sessions aims to help identify problems improve relationships increase understanding of each other and develop more effective ways of communicating and working together. Sessions are with parent(s) / caregivers and or with the whole family designed to understand and support your parenting role.

Adolescent therapy is synonymous and connected to parental therapy. When an adolescent presents for therapy Parents/Caregivers are asking for support and guidance to understand their adolescent and continue the parenting role. Understanding your own parenting style, its influences and the developing teenage brain help to bring focus and understanding to your role as a parent.

Understanding your teenagers expanding social world with all its challenges and rewards can support you to see the adolescent years as a time of opportunity where growth and development can happen for parent and Adolescent.

Focusing on practical tools as well as interventions that can help to focus on everyone’s needs is key to parental consultation. We will consider your parenting style and how best to optimise your relationship with your adolescent. This focus supports us to work within the family style, value system and your own goals for adolescent and family support currently. Within this consultation work we focus on managing expectations, re shaping the relationship, managing boundaries and staying connected even when its tough going. This work is confidential and separate to your adolescents therapy.